9/30 day 157

A long night of snowfall. Had to push heavy, wet snow off my tarp every hour to keep the walls from sagging. Coldest, most sleepless night on trail yet. Hitched from Rainy Pass into Winthrop for the night. Hard to believe I'm only 60 miles from Canada. Just three more days of hiking to go, but they'll be snowy.

9/29 day 156

Got back on trail midday in light rain. Then began to rain harder. Hiked 18 miles to pct mile 2598. Bad Seed in town to get boots. Will miss her a lot.

9/28 day 155

Caught bus into Stehekin with Bad Seed. Heavy rain day and snow at higher elevations. Quite a few hikers quitting or taking alternate route.

9/27 day 154

Hiked 26 miles to pct mile 2576. Walked through some snow on Suiattle Pass.

9/26 day 153

Crazy hail storm last night but the tarp held up well. Hiked 25 miles to pct mile 2550.

Monster Marmot

9/25 day 152

Hiked 24 miles to pct mile 2525. Fun walking and talking with Bad Seed. Saw some snow and a monster marmot.

9/24 day 151

Hiked 25 miles with Bad Seed to pct mile 2501. Didn't rain much but saw a few snowflakes fall. Apparently there's some snow in our future.

9/23 day 150

Took a zero out of the rain and hung out with Bad Seed at the Dinsmore's. Hadn't seen Myla since the Sierras, and it was a lot of fin hanging out with her again.

9/22 day 149

Hiked 12 miles to pct mile 2476 and held my thumb out for a hitch to the Dinsmore's Hiker Haven in driving, cold rain. Was so nice to get there and have a hot shower and warm bed.


9/21 day 148

Rained last night but not today. Getting lucky with the weather! Hiked.24 miles to pct mile 2464. Fewer than 200 miles to Canada, which is at mile 2660.

9/20 day 147

Didn't rain last night, so I could pack up dry. Today was a sunny day. Rain supposed to start tonight and last a few days. Hiked 23 miles to pct mile 2440.

9/19 day 146

Beautiful day for a hike after three days of rain. Met Taka, a thru-hiker from Japan, who had a brand of UL pack that I didn't recognize-- http://www.yamatomichi.com. Will have to check them out. Hiked of Snoqualmie to pct mile 2417.


9/18 day 145

Hiked 20 miles to Snoqualmie Pass, pct mile 2402, to resupply. Only about 260 miles and two more resupply stops before Canada.


9/17 day 144

Hiked 27 miles to pct mile 2382. Spent the night at the abandoned weather station with Pimp Limp, Night Crawler, and Hercules.

9/16 day 143

Spent the night in the Government Meadows cabin, pct mile 2355. Dried my wet gear, warmed water for tea on the wood stove, and hung out with Pimp Limp, Just Chris, Scout, Hercules, and Night Crawler.


9/15 day 142

Hiked 16 miles to pct mile 2337. Realized I had a good phone signal when the rain started, so set up tarp and got online. Got some beautiful shots of Mt. Ranier this morning, though.

9/14 day 141

Got a hitch back to the trail and hiked to pct mile 2321. Sometimes I move so smoothly and swiftly for miles along the trail without getting winded I feel like some lean, wild animal.

9/13 day 140

Hiked into White Pass to resupply. Got a ride into Packwood from an old carni kid who got to see many national parks because his parents owned a traveling animal freak show. Heard stories about things with double snouts and too many legs. Wish I could have seen that picture of him as a kids posing with the butt-faced baboon. Here I am in laundry loaner clothes at the Packwood Motel.

9/12 day 139

Was pretty amazing to hike along Goat Rocks ridge with Mt. Ranier in the distance. Didn't see any mountain goats, though. Hiked 22 miles to pct mile 2295.

9/10 day 137

Very lucky day on quiet road 23. Was just about to give up on getting a hitch to Trout Lake for resupply and start my long, hungry walk to White Pass when a hunter named Andy gave me a ride. He also gave me a bag of sunflower seeds. Got a ride back from a local guy named Reese. Thanks! Back on trail, I hiked by mt. Adams and at one point had to duck into the trees to avoid a runaway pony coming down the trail, its owners chasing it on horseback. Hiked to pct mile 2249.

9/9 day 136

Hiked 28 miles to pct mile 2233.

9/8 day 135

Hiked 20 miles to pct mile 2205.

9/7 day 134

My face was breaking through spiderweb silk strung across the trail all day long. Hiked 25 miles to pct mile 2185.


9/5 day 132

Hiked into Cascade Locks. Oregon over. Only 514 miles to go. OK, Washington, it's you and me and the month of September. Let's do the dance! Kenako! It is time!


9/4 day 131

Hiked 26 miles to pct mile 2145.

9/3 day 130

Hiked back into Timberline from camp for the breakfast buffet. I ate 4 biscuits with gravy, 9 sausage links, a slice of ham, 2 helpings of scrambled eggs, 2 quiches that were 4 inches in diameter, and drank lots of coffee. Then hiked past Ramona Falls to pct mile 2119.


9/2 day 129

Hiked 26 miles to pct mile 2107, the Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood, which appeared in The Shining.

9/1 day 128

Hiked 27 miles to pct mile 2081. Passed through Warm Springs Indian Reservation.

8/31 day 127

Hiked 19 miles to pct mile 2054.

8/30 day 126

Hiked 27 miles to pct mile 2035. Saw Three Finger Jack and Mt. Jefferson.