AZT Gear List

Pack: ULA Circuit backpack with aluminum stay but without other options (36 oz), LiteTrail NyloBarrier pack liner (1.1 oz). Subtotal: 37.1 oz / 2.3 lb.

 photo 0223141431_zps488554e5.jpg

Shelter: SMD Wild Oasis tarp (13 oz), 5 j-stakes (2 oz), REI snow stake that doubles as a cat-hole trowel (1 oz), stake sack (0.2 oz), 2 mil plastic ground cloth cut to Wild Oasis tarp footprint (3.3 oz). Subtotal: 19.5 oz / 1.2 lb.

 photo 0223141420_zps33a3e9de.jpg

Sleep Gear: GoLite 3-season 800-fill down quilt without straps or sack (24 oz), Therm-a-Rest Ridgerest 48" sleeping pad (9 oz), stuff sack to make pillow with spare clothes (0.6 oz). Subtotal: 33.6 oz / 2.1 lb.

 photo 0223141436_zpsa2515246.jpg

Clothes Packed: Mountain Hardwear Windstopper hat (1.6 oz), Mountain Hardwear Polartec glove liners (1.7 oz), Darn Tough 1/4 cushion socks (2.2 oz), Polarmax Techsilk baselayer top (4.3 oz) and bottom (4.2 oz), GoLite Bitterroot 850-fill down jacket (14.2 oz), Frogg Toggs Ultralite2 rain jacket (5.5 oz). Subtotal: 33.7 oz / 2.1 lb.

 photo 0223141447_zps07bb3788.jpg

Food and Fuel Gear: 20L Sea-to-Summit Ultra Sil sack (1.9 oz), LiteTrail NyloBarrier odor-proof bag (0.4 oz), 40ft LiteTrail H-line and minibiner for bear line (1 oz), Fancy Feast cat can stove (0.2 oz), LiteTrail titanium foil windscreen (0.2 oz) aluminum foil stove base plate (0.1 oz) and pot lid (0.1 oz), GSI 0.6L Halulite Minimalist pot (3.4 oz), Snow Peak titanium short spork (0.5 oz), Packtowel nano (0.6 oz), small Bic lighter (0.3 oz), 12 oz Gatoradefuel bottle (0.9 oz). Subtotal: 9.6 oz / 0.6 lb.

 photo 0223141459_zps6a9b1c3e.jpg

Water Gear: Sawyer Mini water filter (1.3 oz), Sawyer filter back-flush syringe (1.1 oz), bleach (1 oz), plastic water scoop cup (0.2 oz), 1L Smartwater bottle for dirty water (1.3 oz), 2 1L Platypus bottles (1.6 oz), 2L Platypus bottle (1.2 oz), 3L Platypus bladder (1.7 oz). Subtotal: 9.4 oz / 0.6 lb.

 photo 0223141510_zps882d1499.jpg

First Aid Kit: Ziploc, 2 antiseptic wipes, 1 antibiotic ointment, 6 bandaids, 2 gauze, 1 roll first aid tape, 20 ibuprofen, 4 imodium, mirror, needle and thread. Subtotal: 3 oz / 0.2 lb.

 photo 0223141517_zps52c312e5.jpg

Hygiene Kit: plastic mesh produce sack (0.1 oz), toothpaste (1 oz), toothbrush (0.3 oz), floss (0.1 oz), razor (0.2 oz), sunscreen (2 oz), lip balm (0.3 oz), hand sanitizer (1 oz), toilet paper in Ziploc (2 oz). Subtotal: 7 oz / 0.4 lb.

 photo 0223141530_zps83ab983f.jpg

Electronics: LG G2 smartphone with AZT GPX files loaded on Gaia GPS app and AZT guidebook on Kindle app (5.1 oz) [not pictured; it's my camera], microfiber cloth and Ziploc phone "case" (0.5 oz), Anker Astro 3E battery pack (8.9 oz), phone/Anker wall charger (2.7 oz), Petzl headlamp (2.8 oz). Subtotal: 20 oz / 1.3 lb.

 photo 0223141543_zps2c225824.jpg

Paper Maps and Data: 5 mail drops of 3 oz / 0.2 lb.

 photo 0223141546_zps468769f3.jpg

Total Pack Base Weight: 175.9 oz / 11 lb. This essentially is my 3-season kit with some thru-hike additions: aluminum pack stay, water filter back-flush syringe, additional water capacity and maps, battery pack and wall charger.

Gear that I carry in my pants pockets: sunglasses (0.8 oz), bandana (1.2 oz), Victorinox Classic knife (0.7), Spyderco Ladybug knife (0.5 oz), nail clippers (0.4 oz), small Bic lighter (0.3 oz), Suunto A-10 compass (0.9 oz), Ziploc wallet and contents (1 oz), pencil and the day's maps and datasheet (0.5 oz). Total: 6.3 oz / 0.4 lb.

I also use Black Diamond Trail Back trekking poles, which I've wrapped with some spare duct tape: 20.5 oz / 1.3 lb.

And here are the clothes that I wear: OR Helios sun hat (2.5 oz), Nike Dri-fit UV l/s shirt (7.2 oz), REI Sahara convertible pants (13.2 oz), Ex-officio boxers (3.8 oz), Dirty Girl gaiters xl (1.4 oz), Darn Tough 1/4 cushion socks lg (2.2 oz), Merrell Moab Ventilator non-waterproof low-top hiking shoes 11.5W with green Superfeet insoles (38.6 oz). Total: 68.9 oz / 4.3 lb.