pitching my flat tarp

This weekend was my first time pitching my 8 x 10 silnylon flat tarp from BearPaw Wilderness Designs. My main reason for choosing a BearPaw tarp was the configuration of perimeter and side-panel tie outs.

My tarp weighs 15.3 oz. The provided tarp sack weighs 0.3 oz.

To pitch the tarp, I brought along 36 feet of 1mm tarp cord (four 6-foot lengths, four 3-foot lengths) and 6-8 stakes.

Here are five pitches.


Closed A-Frame (front door flaps)



Flying Half-Mid

desert sunset

 photo 0712142010d_zpsom9jp1hg.jpg  photo 0712142010b_zps9xrncktn.jpg  photo 0712142012_zpsda9inuz3.jpg


my favorite place to camp in the joshua tree backcountry

It's a perfect little place between two relatively small piles of rocks. One pile offers evening shade; the other, morning shade. And if that weren't enough, there's a sweet "loft" for cowboy camping . . .